The regional wines of France…

No wine-producing country in the world has such a variety of regionally specific wines, summed up best by the use of the word ‘terroir’, which aptly reflects both people and place. These regions, known as Départements in French, are also classified with a unique number.

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Département 33


Bordeaux is France’s wine capital – surrounded by vineyards as far as the eye can see on either side of the River Garonne. A city with a wealth of wine history unlike any other, home to wine royalty and some of the world’s most famous châteaux, there is no doubt that this is a wine lover’s paradise…

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Département 44


Muscadet country lies 15 minutes south of the beautiful city of Nantes. With rolling vineyards carpeting the landscape as far as the eye can see, this is a region full of hidden gems. Nature offers a lot of sites to discover and there is an abundance of quaint villages with red-tiled rooves hiding wine-tasting cellars to visit…

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Département 69


Arguably one of France’s most beautiful wine regions, the hills of Beaujolais are covered with vineyards, which cling to every rolling slope, interspersed with meandering medieval villages. The Gamay vines are goblet-trained creating a truly unique landscape, with castles, churches and windmills dotting the skyline…

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Place…Everything begins with ‘place’, a site that is unique and has a character of its own, with a story to tell. We are very human in our choices. We fall for beauty. Sun falling on the hills, gnarled ancient vines, old stone village walls, the faces of the people drinking coffee in the morning…we breathe in and inhale; the old vines burning in the fields, the Gitanes ‘sans filtres’ smoked with morning cognac, the fresh baked bread, the broken fruit, the grape juice fermenting in the cellars.

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